Marion Osmann
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- 36 hours - when are we there?-

Photographs of a journey from Vienna to the French Coast of the Atlantic Ocean, 2014


Light exposure Fuji Archive glossy / ACRYL Lamination - 3mm Dibond, Frame: aluminium artbox / 120x80cm / Print run: 3+1

When are we finally there? We have to move in order to arrive somewhere. It’s only then, when we finally arrive, we can start to be. Want to be there. Landing, so longed for. We look through a small frame of our possibilities, as if the world out there is none of our business. Like a river of electricity, this moment invites us to look deeper into it. At the same time, the world passes unnoticed, inexperienced, unacquainted. Attention is not directed towards the ceaseless beauteousness, the ineffably perfection. A thumb points backwards, from where we come. We share the same reality, and yet we are absorbed in our own story. Out there, the world is occurring, but without us being part of it. Asleep, until we resign our desire to arrive, and in this giving up, we awake, to feel the wind on our skin, and blowing through our hair. The frame is just an element to lean out. Desire merges effortlessly moved with the moment itself.

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Pictures of a journey.. 2010-1013

„When I was a little girl, I had the dream of owning a secret button that I could press to capture every very special moment in life. And I dreamt of a little box to put this moment into, which I could open just any time.” Marion Osmann found this button on her camera. She presents pictures of her triannual journey.

She presents moments caught on the way between her home, situated in the very South of Austria and her new residence in the 9th district of Vienna. She has been living there with her husband and their three children since 2013. “This was far more then only a way from point A to point B. “This was a journey from my old life into my new one, to make detours is part of that!” says Osmann and explains why Normandy, South-Italy, Tuscany and Berlin are placed between South-Styria and Vienna.

Marion Osmann designs fashion (couture) and habitats. “As a photographer I am not interested in some kind of orchestration, my pictures reveal something recognized, something picked up.” This could be a flock of sheep, which consists of wool from sheep or clouds of sheep. Or it could be a child in a box, which transforms into a cave, a house, a body. One series shows bed linen on a clothesline played by the wind. Again and again there is an opening for new perspectives and panoramic views through them, new shapes are formed.

Osmann catches moments, for example shifts in landscapes, the forest glade in the mist on one of her photos. Shots are made in movements, from inside the car or during a wheel in a dance. Everything will be different within the next second – but this one moment is perfect. Exactly now, everything is possible. These partly large-sized exhibition photos are an invitation for mindfulness and a celebration of unexpected fortune.

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© Marion Osmann / Impressum